Iron Heart Tattoo

Iron Heart

2815 Beaver Ave Suite 108
Des Moines, IA 50310
Phone:(515) 270-1500


An Interview with Iron Heart

Iron Heart Tattoo, located in the Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Monies, Iowa, offers tattoos, piercing, jewelry, clothing and apparel. Its artists include Budha, Joshua, Bowers, Sean Wilcox and Paul Nycz. Hours are noon to 8 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Iron Heart: Iron Heart is a premier tattoo and piercing studio. It is a quality shop located in Beaverdale where 4 established tattooers and one great piercer apply their trades.

Website: What do you do to provide a sterile, clean, and safe environment?

Iron Heart: Sanitation was the first thing we thought of while planning the layout of the shop. Maintaining good sterilization practices and cross contamination awareness are of primary importance.

Website: What are shop hours?

Iron Heart: Iron Heart is open noon daily. We close between 7 and 8.

Website: How long has the shop been open?

Iron Heart: We’ve been open for about two years now.

Website: What’s the history behind the Shop?

Iron Heart: The shop was opened by Budha and James Heider. The idea was to have a shop where only quality tattooers would work and pay a flat monthly fee for their space, as apposed to the industry standard of paying a shop owner a percentage.

Website: Who owns the shop?

Iron Heart: Budha and James Heider

Website: What services does the shop offer?

Iron Heart: We offer tattoos, piercing, jewelry and also clothing and apparel.

Website: What’s unique about the shop?

Iron Heart: I invite everyone to stop in and see for themselves

Website: Why should someone choose this shop over other shops?

Iron Heart: I don’t know why someone should, but if they do it’s most likely because we offer a quality product at a reasonable price in a relaxing environment.

Website: Do you offer custom work?

Iron Heart: Most of what I do is custom.

Website: Do you take walk-ins? Do you offer Flash?

Iron Heart: Yes, we always take walk-ins. We do offer flash as well.

Website: What’s the average wait time to get a tattoo or piercing? Flash or Custom?

Iron Heart: Piercing is usually immediate. Tattoo wait time varies between immediate and 3 months depending on what the piece is.

Website: Do you offer Gift cards?

Iron Heart: Yes we do.

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